January 25, 2010

Sewing with kids :: PJ's!

We had a nice and almost normal weekend. The girls had busy schedules on Saturday, but on Sunday we just stayed home and relaxed, and M. and I found time for some sewing as well.

With the holidays and all that happened after, we didn't do any sewing since the tote bag. She'd told me a couple of times already the next thing she wanted to sew was something she could wear. That's when I came up with the idea of making some PJ pants. Not too difficult, I thought, and no big deal if it didn't work out. Only problem: I didn't have a pattern - very annoying on a Sunday afternoon. We did have some summer drawstring pants, however, which once belonged to M. but now are more of little H.'s size. I traced those and added a couple of inches here and there, and hoped for the best. I found some really nice cotton fabric in my stash, with a delicate flower print which M. happened to like too. I cut the fabric for her and pinned the pieces together. And, somehow, the pattern worked out perfectly. Don't ask me how I did it, but it was right to the very last millimeter. M. did all the sewing on her little machine - she even zig-zagged the edges to prevent the fabric from fraying. I showed her a little trick for sewing the two legs together. She sort of panicked when she saw how wide the pants were at the waist - that was before inserting the elastic, however. Once the elastic was in, they had the right fit. I added one final little detail for her: a faux drawstring at the front.

Et voilà!... a mere two hours later, I was able to take this shot: a proud M. in her new PJ's...
Perfect! Just perfect! Don't you think?!
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