February 3, 2010


I received an award on Monday. The Kreativ Blogger Award! From Cindy of Quaint Handmade! Thanks, Cindy!

You won't get an acceptance speech, but instead I'm asked to share seven things which you might not know about me. Seven, really? I mean: only seven?

1. // Between the lines // - What's in a name? The hardest part about starting a blog was finding the right name. It took several weeks of thinking. I don't recall exactly when or how I came up with // Between the Lines //, but it felt right instantly. It reflects part of my personality, I guess - I like to stay within the lines, am not a risk-lover and usually stick to the rules. Also, I'm not a very open person, a bit private - sometimes you need to read between the lines to get to the deeper sense. And graphically, too, I like nice, clear cut and strong lines. Hence, // Between the lines //.

2. Tulips are my absolutely favorite flowers. My wedding bouquet was entirely made out of tulips. White with a twist of yellow tulips. So lovely!

3. I've been using the same fragrance for over twenty years: Cristalle by Chanel. I've tried other fragrances, but to no avail. Cristalle is the one and only for me. Fresh and subtle. I dread the day Chanel decides to take it off the market.

4. Though I drink only one or two cups of coffee a day (black!), I like anything coffee-flavored. Desserts, ice cream, macarons (yummy!), pastries, frapuccino's, ...

5. I mentioned our wedding already once and since February is our wedding anniversary month, here's one more: we found out we'd be moving to Paris on our wedding anniversary, three years ago. Only, in all the excitement that came with the prospect of moving to Paris we simply forgot about our anniversary. It was K. who called me from the office the next morning to tell me what had happened...

6. My feet grew one size bigger during my last pregnancy and never shrunk back, somehow.

7. I sob when watching movies (even kid's movies) which can be quite embarrassing. I remember watching "An officer and a gentlemen" at my uncle's when I was a teenager, and how I burst into tears at the end and couldn't stop crying... So embarrassing!

Hey, and that makes seven! So, now I get to nominate seven people. I hope you don't mind Rosa Maria, Andrea, Jane, Britt, , Virginia and Mon Ami.



So here I get to know some more things about you, thank you. And thank you for forewarding this award to me.

I was asked to say 10 things about me a while ago, which was in September I think and I called it "You want to know more" and I will think about 7 more things I can reveal about me ; )

Have a great time, Pascale,


cindy said...

thank you for playing along! i love your mosaic, the four images are wonderful! i also relate to some of the things on your list, mainly no. 1 & 7! i've also been wearing the same perfume for a while (jo malone orange blossom) even though i would love to be drawn to chanel no. 5, but i'm going to take a whiff of cristalle the next time i'm in the store and think of you.

mon ami said...

I love your list! I kept nodding my head as I read it: I love hearing the story in #1, I also wear Chanel but it is No.5, We also have an anniversary in February but unfortunately moving to Paris has never coincided with it!, my feet also grew during my pregnancy and I've had to say good bye to some of my shoes:(, I also cry in movies -even bad ones- and I choose what movies to see in the theater based on my potential to cry publicly.

I don't mean to make this about me I'm more just saying how lovely it is to learn that I share random tid-bits with you.

And, to thank you for passing on the award to me. Now I have to get thinking about my own seven!


Andrea, creative collector said...

Pascale, what a lovely surprise! Thanks for passing on the award. :)

I love that you have a favorite flower and scent. I like lots of flowers and don't know that I could pick an all time favorite, but I have just started wearing a perfume that I have liked for a long time. Not much of a perfume person and no other scent has caught my imagination. We'll see if I still love it in six months.

Love hearing how your blog got its name. I can also relate to the "between the lines" thoughts about being a bit on the private side. I appreciate reading the truth in people's lives, but at times think a little privacy is vital. Now you've got me thinking about where creativity falls...inside or outside the lines! Either way, you definitely have it.

Now I'll have to check out the other blogs you mention too. Ciao!

jane said...

you so deserve this. you have one the most creative and prettiest blogs. love your list. i´m also a crier. and my feet also grew!! i´m now a 42-43- a bit of a tragedy really. ;) thanks for thinking of me. dos besos!

RosaMaría said...

ohh what a surprise! i'm agree with Jane: you have one of the most creative and PRETTIEST blogs i know. Sometimes I sob and cry watching movies too....
thanks for passing the award... :D

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