February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day :: zakka inspired zippered pouch

I finished my little project today: a zakka inspired zippered pouch. It was fun and easy to make. For the past week or so, I had been thinking of something to use my crocheted hearts for. It was only when I visited Eloleo's blog and saw her latest creation with free-style embroidery, that all pieces fell into place. A zippered pouch with the heart free-style embroidered onto it! So here it is!

The part I like best? The zipper! A vintage zipper found at our local "mercerie". The girls start laughing as soon as I even mention that store. It's ran by three ladies. And all three they have in common they do not always appreciate the presence of kids at their store. And they're very conservative. Like with the zipper today - Ok, maybe in this case I was the one being conservative. I took the little pouch with me and I had a certain idea of the kind of zipper I wanted: a metal one. I spotted a nice red-ish one. "Oh non! Red wouldn't work, beige is what I needed. A beige polyester one, that is.". Well, I didn't agree. And I did not only buy a red zipper but a whole array of zippers, all in faded candy colors. At a bargain price, because these were old zippers nobody else wants anymore. Again according to the ladies at the store. Good thing I'm conservative when it comes to zippers...

And the second best part are the three little hearts in the back.

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