February 1, 2010

Just stopping by to say...

I hope you all had a very nice and relaxing weekend! We certainly did. We even made it to the movies yesterday afternoon. Daddy - who's feeling much much better - took M. to see Avatar. And since we didn't think it wise to take little H. to see that one, little H. and I went to see La princesse et la grenouille (The Princess and the Frog) instead. I'm not at all into princess movies, but to be honest I really enjoyed this one and I even shed some tears at the end (so embarrassing - H. who's super-sensitive didn't even cry a single tear...).

Today, I worked on a little craft with one of the hearts I crocheted. I just had to try something new. I hope I'll be able to finish it soon (tomorrow?) so I can show you. Well if it works out ok, that is.

Hmm?! And that's all there is for now, I believe, or did I forget something?

Oh, in case you can't get enough of crocheted hearts, I found some really tiny cute ones through Whip Up. You can check them out here.


nicole/brussels said...

echt ongeduldig om eind resultaat te zien!

britt said...

glad to hear that he is feeling better. i have heard that the avatar movie and the princess movie were both great!
can't wait to see what you create next and thanks for the link.

mary baturi said...

Thank you for this. Can you do this page in italian please?

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