February 12, 2010

The cutest tutorial ever!

I have a very special guest today, my sweet, big girl M. .
With an interview and her tutorial for a cute finger puppet.
Both the tutorial and the puppet were part of my birthday present.

the cutest tutorial ever

// BTL // : So, M., tell me, where did you get the idea of making a finger puppet?

M.: Deep down in my craft thinking area, the craft section in my brain!

// BTL // : Does everyone have a section like that, you think?

M.: No, only original people do!

// BTL // : Hmm, I see... And why a tutorial?

M.: So that people who like my work can make it! That's what blogs are about, not?

// BTL // : Some blogs, yes. So, you knew all the time that I would put it up on my blog?!

M.: Well, actually, I was hoping so but I also made it for fun and because it was your birthday!

// BTL // : Are there any other craft activities you like?

M.: Yes! Sewing, drawing and inventing!

// BTL // : The best thing you ever made?

M.: My pyjamas pants! My bag! The Super Teacher collage for my teacher!

// BTL // : Any other things you like to do?

M.: School and writing. And taking photos, too...(laughs)

// BTL // : Thank you for your time, my sweet M.!

M.: You're very welcome!... I hope I'll invent something again soon, so I can come back!

// BTL // : Me too!
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