February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day :: DIY wire wrapped photo holder

Only four more days to go for Valentine's Day!
Here's another craft I whipped together yesterday. A simple wire wrapped photo holder. Time needed? 15 minutes approximately!

And here are the step by step instructions, just in case:

1. Needed: two ends of metal wire (25cm, but could be of any size really, depending on how tall you want the photo holder to be), rounded nosed pliers, flat nosed pliers, cutting pliers, clay

2. Take a piece of clay and shape as shown in the picture

3. - 6. Bend the wire to form a heart - secure as shown in pic. 5. Repeat with the second end.

7. Twist the two stems around each other

8. Cut one end off about 10cm measured from the bottom

9. Push the longer end through the clay, until the shorter end meets the clay.

10. With pliers bend the end to form a loop and cut off excess. Push the loop into the clay.

11. Smoothen the clay where needed (wet your fingers if necessary). Shape the hearts where needed so a picture, photograph or greeting card will stay put between the two hearts. Let air dry. And done!

Note: If you don't have clay, a large potato might do, or a cork (for tiny holders, that is), a rock (in that case you wrap the wire around the rock, instead of going through the rock), ... Also, because of the tools needed and the potentially sharp ends of the wire, this craft (or at least the part where you work the metal wire) is not recommended to be done by kids. Once assembled though, let your kids paint the clay once dried and further decorate the holder!

Good luck!
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