March 31, 2010


This is what the daffodils in our court yard looked like this afternoon. Four shots only a few seconds apart from each other. I guess it's windy, here. And wet. And sunny. And cloudy. And then sunny again. We had a bit of everything the last couple of days. But at least (or should I say 'at last'), the colors are back, freed up after what seemed a long winter. We switched to summer daylight savings time last weekend too. Little by little the days are getting longer again which is nice. The kids will be able to play outside after school before starting homework. I love this feeling - the longer days, the light, the feeling more can be done in one day. And I'll need it since now that I know so many of you liked my GrassShopper (thanks for the compliments and suggestions!!) I'm going ahead with my plan. I finished another GrassShopper yesterday. So that makes two of them. Two!? If I go on at this pace I might be turning fifty even before I have enough to start selling (FYI: I just turned 42 last February). I guess I don't have the organizational part down yet. Either I run out of thread, or fabric, or just time, or things get in between... There will always be other things that get in the way, I know that.
But I'll get there. I know that I'll get there. Eventually...
And Spring will help me, I'm sure!
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