June 16, 2010

All new!

new bag prototype

A new prototype has rolled from under my presser foot! And I like this one a lot - to the extent that I might do a tutorial for a light version if there's enough interest (and if I can find a spare couple of hours, that is).

I started this bag two nights ago, with no particular plan in mind. I cut a piece of fabric - I didn't even bother to take out a ruler or measuring tape, I just cut! And the rest just happened...

What I like most about this bag are definitely the handles. I saw this very minimalistic approach to handles - unfortunately, I can't remember where - a while a go and I decided I wanted to try a version of my own. Hence, I punched a couple of holes in the leather straps (with my new 4 EUR hole puncher, my new best friend) and sewed them on by hand (so much easier than sewing them on with my stubborn machine, it turns out). I added the little leather patches on the inside to give the tote a finished look there as well, and to add some extra support to the fabric - I must say that I really, really like this little detail.

All that remains to be done now is putting the bag to the test. I just need to make sure the handles will hold up well enough before I take this bag to the next level...
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