June 9, 2010

And then there was chocolate cake...

I meant to write about chocolate cake and raspberries tonight, but instead we went through a little scare here at home. Little H. had an allergic reaction. To be honest, she hardly ever gets these, and they're usually very mild, but tonight's one was a bad one.

When I got home from picking up M. at gym, K. immediately asked me where I had put little H.'s new medicine, because she said she was itchy and he noticed she had some rash in one of her arm creases and at the back of her knees. I immediately checked on her, and saw she was having hives indeed, not too bad, but clearly hives. So, I gave her her new medicine. The hives in the arm crease faded almost instantly but the ones at the back of her knees only got worse and continued to spread out. She was really itchy now and crying. We gave it a little longer, I checked in with the pharmacist, but eventually we decided it was probably better to go see a doctor.  (Note: all she had were hives on arms and legs, she didn't have any respiratory discomfort.). So, at 10:00 pm the four of us took the car to go to the nearest children's hospital.

To calm down little H. a little, I started to tell  her how one night when she was a tiny little baby, we had to take her to the E.R. too because she'd been crying hysterically all night, with what seemed a very bad tummy ache and which was very unlike her, and how on the way to the hospital she eventually fell asleep in her car seat. Almost at the E.R., we turned the car and drove back home, with a happy, peacefully, sleeping baby.
One of us slept in her room that night just to make sure, but little baby H. seemed totally happy and slept through whatever was left of the night until the next morning.

By the time I finished my story, little H. announced she wasn't that itchy anymore. We checked her legs and indeed the hives were almost gone.  
And hence we turned the car and drove back home, with a happily talking little girl in the back...

raspberries and chocolate cake

Now, in case you were wondering: the chocolate cake has nothing to do with this story nor with any of the described allergic reactions or trips to the E.R..
The thing is, little H. didn't like the cake; birthday girl M. did like it but only so, so ( the glazing on top made it kind of rich); K. doesn't eat any cake; and I? Well, I loved it! But I'm not supposed to have any (but I did have some - shhtt! don't tell!)...  Result, three days after the party there's still plenty of homemade chocolate cake left in the fridge...

A piece of chocolate cake, anyone??
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