June 8, 2010

Triangles and polka dots

Triangles and polka dots

I gave some hints last week about 'something' I whipped together for the birthday girl.
Since she's officially ten now, and all the presents were unwrapped and all ten candles were blown out last night (the cake we still have plenty off, but that's a story for later),  I can finally show you some pictures.
As some of you already guessed, I made a flag garland.

I used whichever fabric I had available from my failing bag business. Well, that's not entirely the way it went (for the colors, I mean - the bag business is failing, LOL! A bag anyone??).
Let's say that I found some of these colors to go really well together, so well that I had stacked them that way last time I cleaned up my crafts closet.  So, when I started on my flags all I did was take out the entire stack and cut triangles. The big surprise, however, came after I finished the whole thing. That's when I remembered my leather polka dot garland from a while ago. A perfect match color-wise, as it turned out, but I especially like the repetition of the polka dot pattern in one of the fabrics I chose for the flags - it happened totally unconsciously, but it's there and I like it!

Now, if you want to try this, all you need is fabric in a couple of different prints and/or colors, cut to triangles (I used the same size triangle for all flags, but you could vary sizes if you like, or even combine different shapes), some biais tape and thread. 
Since I didn't have any biais tape, I used twill tape, which I folded in half. To make the sewing easier I pinned the flags in between the tape. Limited by the length of my twill tape, I didn't leave space in between flags, but you could of course space them out a bit. I threaded my machine with two different colors of thread. Also, since the twill tape was rather on the narrow side especially when folded, I used a zig zag stitch, just to make sure the triangles got caught in between the folded twill tape.

For the polka dot garland, just hop over here to find a short description.

Wishing you a good week!

xo, P.
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