June 24, 2010


Flower on my dress
Summer has finally started over here - for real this time, I hope, as I would like to wear this pretty flower on my dress.

I still sound like Marianne Faithfull on a really bad day. I hope my voice will be back by Saturday, because that's when we'll be having M.'s birthday party here at home with her friends.

Birthday party means birthday cake, which means baking. She knows exactly which cake she wants. She liked that cake after all - the whipped cream she'd put plenty of on top made it really rich - the next day she ate it without the cream and loved it...

H.'s birthday falls during summer vacation. All the summer birthdays will be celebrated in class on Friday...which means baking. The first batch of chocolate chip cookies is cooling - one more batch to go.

And on Monday, M. has her end-of-year "spectacle" at school followed by a "goûter" for the kids and their parents, ...which means even more baking.

I guess I know where I'll be spending the next couple of days...

How about you?
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