September 12, 2010

Fashion shoot

I just love those crazy photo shoots with my girls. We don't do them very often, but when they're in the mood for it, it is so much fun. Occasion: the new jackets they each got. M. at last got the faux-fur jacket she'd been wanting for so long but never found in her size. Little H. is a bit more of a blazer girl. She really is and wears it with the buttons closed. Even to play. Preferably with a pair of skinny jeans.  The little red shoes are a pair of Asters we got for M. our first summer here in Paris. She wore them once. My fault - I love Aster shoes, they don't. I should have known that. Good thing we got them at the end of the sales at a very good price, as it looks like they'll remain unworn. Little H. put them on exactly once, the day of the photo shoot , and then she got blisters.
End of story and such a shame, really.

The red blazer and the furry coat, however, are favorites! No doubt about that...
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