November 22, 2010

Non merci!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Ours wasn't too bad. We had some lovely, cold but sunny, weather on Saturday. Little H. had a birthday party to go to and instead of spending half of my day on the metro bringing her, going back home, going back for pick up and back home again, I decided to go for walk in between drop off and pick-up instead. Since the party was in the 16th I somehow ended up at the Eiffel Tower. And though I love the Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Mars I have mixed feelings about everything else going on there. Except for the fact that it's (understandably) always crowded in the area between Trocadéro and Eiffel Tower you also have to deal with the vendors and street gamblers bothering you every five steps. Non Merci! I certainly do not want a mini Eiffel Tower to take home as I already explained to your colleague two steps ago... Very annoying. Equipped with my camera I once again realized that it's impossible to take a picture of "la Grande Dame" without having at least a dozen of people you don't know posing on your picture as well. Well, that entirely depends on the angle you choose, I came to realize. As I walked passed the Eiffel Tower, away from the crowds and to the left, there were much less people there and the view on La Tour Eiffel wasn't bad at all, especially not given the fact that trees have shed enough of their leaves by now to see through. So, until they ask me to shoot the next "glossy magazine Eiffel Tower perfume add picture", this one will have to do.
To be honest, I had much more fun taking the two other pictures. Not a single soul around there frantically running through my viewer looking for the most photogenic spot...

better than a parking ticket...
... so much nicer than a parking ticket.

I love these trompe l'oeil's often found in dead end streets.
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