January 1, 2011

// Happy 2011 //

// Happy 2011 //

We're still recovering from not enough sleep and too much magret de canard with this homemade chutney.
The fortune cookies we made were fun and the chocolate chip cookies served with vanilla ice cream yummy as always. We were in good company and had fun at playing the Wii and Pictionary.
We made it to the Eiffel Tower in time for the count down and fire works, and left almost immediately after the countdown because of some idiots firing off their own crackers and scaring off the kids. Seeing the Eiffel Tower light up and hearing the crowd cheer was magic, though!

We're ready for a new beginning and hope you are too!
Wishing you a happy and creative 2011!

xo, Pascale


Kylie said...

Happy New Year! Best wishes for a wonderful 2011! K

vlijtig said...

We'll be leaving in a few days for Paris, too. Any tips? All the best for 2011 for you and your loved ones.

nicole/brussels said...

zo te zien was het een leuk oudejaar, in goed gezelschap en lekker eten! fijn dat jullie ervan genoten hebben, en de erbij waren voor de aftelling naar het nieuwe jaar! alleen spijtig dat sommige mensen het plezier van anderen moeten verpesten door hun pétards tussen publiek te gooien , wetende dat er ook kleine kinders rondlopen!

Noga said...

Happy new year Pascale! Keep on with your lovely posts, and make meny pepole happy!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Happy New Year Pascale to you and your family :-) How lovely to be at the Eiffel Tower for New Years.....even if the crowds do get a bit crazy. She is such a majestic structure!

by night said...

Douce année créative et pleine de bonheurs(s) à tes chéris et toi!

Lynn said...

Happy new year! I have you on my yahoo reader but you are stuck on a post from over a year ago!! Any thoughts on how I can solve this!

RosaMaría said...

Have a wonderful 2011 Pascale!!!

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