January 5, 2011

Work in progress

knit knit
Little H's knit work in progress...

I didn't start the year with  resolutions - except for maybe one: stop procrastinating.  
What needs to be done, needs to be done, so why not do it now!
So that's why the last couple of days I've been working hard on getting things done. Administrative stuff mainly, like paying bills, answering long over-due e-mails, ordering catalogs for summer camps for the girls, making an appointment with the garage to have our car fixed which got broken into over the Christmas weekend (fun!),  catching up with laundry (where does it keep coming from - sometimes it feels like I have 5 kids running around instead of just 2...).
All this while fighting off the first migraine of the year...

But in between I did find time for a small craft or two. Variations on the fabric covered Moleskine notebooks. If all goes well they may end up in my Etsy shop, as I want to revive it now that all except for this has gone (Besides on notebooks, I plan on having new bags as well!) .
Wait a minute - Does that make two New Year's resolutions?
And how about three: a stress free life and having more fun?!

What are your resolutions for 2011?


Poorvi said...

Really..where does this laundry keep coming from?! I have fought it, ignored it, denied it..and now I have lost and just have to accept it!!! A few clothes a day and that's all it gets from me. Not more!!! haha..maybe that's the resolution. And yes, an effort to focus on simple and healthy.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your work, especially the simplicity in style.

by night said...

Je ne suis pas la seule avec ce problème de lessive? ouf! Dire qu'en plus, chez moi, les enfants ne sont là qu'une semaine sur 2...
Plus sérieusement... bonne chance avec ces résolutions qui n'en sont peut-être pas... de toute manière, quoique tu feras, ce sera splendide et plein de goût!
Belle année à toi. Plein de bonheur à tes chéris et toi!

nicole/brussels said...

erg benieuwd wat kleine H. aan het maken is! Toon je ons het eindresutaat?

Baa-Me Kniits said...

No resolutions just learn from my mistakes.....nice chunky wool and good knitting, my boys begged for a lesson and then gave up after two goes. Needles are still on the table so maybe they will try again before the holidays are over? :-)

ArtMind said...

A stress free life and having more fun sounds like a GREAT resolution!
I wish you all that you want 2011 to be, Pascale. And knowing you from your blog, I'm sure it will be filled with lots of creativity and sharing.
Forget the laundry and have some fun! ;)

Katie said...

Little H and I have the same knitting style :)

I listed a few resolutions inspired by other blogger: http://curatingcuteness.com/2011/01/you-are-an-explorer/

Happy 2011!

sunnie fairy said...

Beautiful knitting. :)

diarte said...

what an interesting blog!
well, we're in april... but let me tell you that my resolutions are just like yours. Crossing things on the list of left things to do. And work up a little too... :)

diarte said...

sorry, this is the right profile.

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