April 28, 2011


It feels good to be back! These two pictures more or less summarize the past two weeks and a half. Boxes and sunny skies.

The move went well if we don't take into account the four movers who got stuck in our elevator while on their way up to get started. They were stuck for over an hour - a nightmare! Especially given the size of the elevator - it really is tiny. It got us really worried. I didn't dare to take the elevator for the rest of that day, neither did the kids... and one of the movers who got a real scare. Taking the stairs instead - nine floors in one building and five in the other - resulted in sore legs and a lot of laughter the next day: given my broken toe I didn't know which leg to limp with first.
But all in all the move went really well! Even the unpacking went smooth, though "where is...?" was a much heard question the first couple of days. But as a matter of fact, I believe we never moved this well organized. There's a learning curve, so much is clear.

As we didn't want the kids to spend their entire vacation between boxes I took them to the seaside. The weather was great, we got a nice tan and got well rested for what is this school year's last term already. I can't believe how fast time went by - there's so many things I want to do still before summer vacation!

I'd better get started!!
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