April 1, 2011

Science project show

Science project

"Today was our science electricity project show. I completely forgot to remind Mama & Papa (they had had the invitation a while ago) - so they didn't come but it still was fun. Some people's circuits broke down just that day... Lot's of people commented on mine!! I'M SO PROUD!!" 
                              ~ M., 10 years old

I still feel miserable that neither one of us made it to M.'s science project show - she so much deserved it for us being there. I forgot about the show when I made the appointment to go in to sign our new rental agreement and K. had meetings all day. When I realized I'd missed it, I felt like I could kill myself. 
I'm so proud of my little girl, of her project, of the grown-up way she dealt with the fact we didn't come to see her. Next week she has an art show and you bet I'll be there!!

A quick word about the cat: M. learned about parallel circuits in science class and got an assignment to build something around /in/with a shoebox, two or three light bulbs, two or three switches, electrical wire and a battery.  M. wanted to build a cat nightlight. We were lucky to find a cardboard papier mâché cat at the crafts store. The head had to be cut off in order to insert the eyes/ light bulbs and all off the wiring and then patched together again (once made sure everything worked correctly). The battery and switches went neatly under the box. It wasn't an easy project, but definitely a fun and interesting one - even K. and me learned a thing or two about parallel circuits...
We are so proud of our little girl...

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