June 20, 2011

An afternoon through the lens

When I asked M. what she'd liked to do for the afternoon yesterday while little sis was gone to a birthday party, she said "I want you to teach me how to use the camera". She was referring to my old camera, my Nikon D40, the first DSLR I ever bought. I use a D90 now, but held on to the the much lighter D40 for special purposes and to teach my kids one day. Well it seems like that day has come.

M. new exactly what she wanted to do - walk around the neighborhood and take pictures. So, off we went, both equipped with a camera. The afternoon flew by. It was fun and interesting at the same time, in the sense that even though you walk on the same street, you see different things or the same things differently. I really liked our little photographic experiment and I hope there will be more to follow.

As for now, I'm really proud to show you a couple of the shots my eleven year old made.

She's got talent and a good eye, if you ask me...

Wishing you a happy Monday,


Vide grenier

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