August 3, 2011

DIY earband

DIY Swimming Ear-Band

What to do when it turns out the - I'm sure very effective - Aqua Earband received from the doctor isn't the right size and your child want's to take a little swim in the outdoor pool? Fake one! 

We were given an Aqua Earband by our doctor to keep M.'s ear plugs securely into place, which she needs to wear after having had tubes placed in both her ears. Unfortunately, when we finally ended up at the pool, the band didn't fit (too small). I could see her disappointment, so I had to come up with something really quick. Turned out I had packed my incredibly sexy bathing cap (which you need to wear in French public pools and which are incredibly uncomfortable because they come in one-size fits all and make me feel like my skull will pop off any minute whenever I wear it, which is only when I'm at the pool, let this be clear!). With a mighty snip from the incredibly dull scissors found in our first aid kit, I fixed her a fancy homemade ear band which also happened to fit.

So, in case you'd like to replicate, this is how it goes:

1. Take a silicone bathing cap.
2. Take a pair of scissors.
3. Cut off the top part of said bathing cap.
4. If your child likes to wear a pony tail or braid for swimming cut away a small triangle at the top of the back part of the ear band. This will make sure the band will stay into place and won't start pulling (extensively tested!). Et voila! C'est tout!
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