August 7, 2011

Kids' Crafternoon Blog Tour!

Kids' Crafternoon Sewing

Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft

This is a very special post to me and I'm really excited about it.
Excited as in EXCITED, that is!

About a year ago I was contacted by Kathreen Ricketson, from Whip Up - if I'd be interested in contributing to a series of craft books for children? YES! Absolutely!

Well, this week the first two books in a series of four, all of them compiled and edited by Kathreen Ricketson, arrived in the mail: Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft and Kids' Crafternoon Sewing. There was a lot of oohing and aahing going on, I can tell you, when I opened the package and sat down with my girls to take a first look! And not just because mommy got a project in one of them (which made them very proud, by the way)! They went like 'I want to make this! And I want to make that!'

The books aim at children aged 7-12, but to be honest I think the books appeal to any age. Each book contains 25 really cool - and relevant - projects by contributors from all over the planet. The format is great (spiral bound), the photography and presentation of the projects outstanding, the instructions are clear and all the templates needed are made available in a nice pocket in the front-cover. This is a must-have book for the young (and not-so-young) crafter.

As a matter of fact we couldn't wait to get started. M. immediately fell for the Pocket Cushion (p.94) by Sharon Baldwin. Good thing I didn't throw out our old jeans when we moved a little while ago but kept them in a big box in the back of my closet. They saved our day...

So, here is the result of our first project from the book! Cute isn't it?! Everything's kept handy in those pockets and she uses the pillow as a book rest while reading, seated in her favorite sofa.
I think I want one, too!

Kids' Crafternoon Sewing :: Pocket Cushion

Kids' Crafternoon Sewing :: Pocket Cushion

And now, little H. can't wait to make the paper kite (p.32, Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft) by Rob Shugg...

For more details about the Crafternoon books head over to the Hardie Grant site, here and here.
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