August 30, 2011

Ears... and tears

Yves Velter, Sussurro, 2011, Watou

Little H. had her ears pierced today. I still remember how bad I felt when we finally agreed on big girl M. having her ears pierced. What kind of a mom was I to let someone make holes in her perfect little earlobes! But I also remember how happy she'd been and how she would keep on looking in the mirror, feeling big, proud, happy.

Big girl M. was seven, back then - little H. just turned 8 last month. So telling her she was still too young for it no longer worked. She'd been asking about it, on and off, for quite a while, but we managed to keep it off - until now, that is. Since she seemed really serious about it this time, we decided to just go ahead - just get it over with - before school and sports activities - swimming! - start again.

So, today was the big day. And all went well

- eventually!

For a moment it looked like she'd go home with just one ear pierced, and a tiny black dot on the other, totally in shock as she was about how painful it was. I sort of expected that to happen, my own experience as a kid in mind, but had given her the benefit of the doubt. I had my ears done at age 11 at a fair, and the store keeper saw his sales figures plummet considerably that afternoon, thanks to all the noise I made. Unmistakeably, little H. takes after her mom...  It took us a lot of effort, pep talk and even more to convince her to do the other ear as well, the poor little thing. And she did - eventually.
And as it goes, half an hour later she just felt big and proud and happy with her little lady bug earrings... She forgot about the tears: she had her ears pierced! (No) big deal!


Alynia said...

It was the same with my sister. She was five years old, and kept asking for holes in her ears. Mum kept telling her 'no', because she already knew what would happen.
Then our cousin, a year younger than she is, got them, and my aunt asked if she could take Sister with her. She'd pay for the holes. After the first hole, Sister also said: 'I've had enough, it hurts. I'm going home.' Aunt had to make a real effort to talk her onto that chair again, while she was all afraid to give Sister back to mum with only one ear pierced.

MAUDE said...

i vomited (no nice way to put that), and refused to have the other one pierced. finally was talked into it - the piercing event was an act of defiance, (my 16th birthday party), and a friend did it for me.

Janiece said...

My daughter just had her little girl's ears pierced.
I think you might enjoy her post about the experience.
Have a wonderful day!

nicole/brussels said...

Wat een klink meisje, oma was al véél ouder, en zat ook te beven als een rietje op de stoel, en daarbij was oma al volwassen en had ze twee kinders!!
Nice job Helena, I'm proud of you, Ican't waite to see a picture of you with the ladybugs on!xxx
mamie N

Sarah Rooftops said...

I wasn't allowed to get my ears pierced, so when I was fourteen I went and got my nose done instead. When I eventually got my ears pierced it was WAAAAAAAAY more painful than the nose!

Ziezo said...

Good job H! It looks better to have two ears pierced than 1.

We just allowed our daughter (7) to do it last Saturday. It was way more difficult for her father, than for her. She stayed strong as we had been warning her for the pain. . . Mommy has several holes in her ears, so not the best example to keep it off much longer.


Oh dear, I remember my ears being pierced when I was 10. The girl wants hers to be pierced as well but here's the rule: Mommy got hers when she was 10 and so will she...

And yes, it hurts! And today? Today think I would have not needed them at all, I would be fine wearing "clips" as we call them, because I gardly ever wear earrings at all...

Hope all is adjusting well in the new school year! Here Kindergarden started and the boy joined as well, third day today and with him being very tearful today I took him back home again and the girl was quite upset about it. Sigh! But tomorrow is a new day and Daddy will take them to Kindergarden, we'll see...

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