September 1, 2011

Herringbone, differently


Remember the herringbone collar scarf from a few posts back (thanks for the comments, by the way! For those of you who asked how many stitches I cast on: I simply followed the instructions at Purl Bee.) ? I haven't finished it yet and it looks like I'm running out of yarn...big problem, as it was left over yarn.
In the mean time, I cast on a new herringbone knitting project - in flax rope - yes, the kind of rope you buy at the hardware store. Not as cozy to knit with and certainly not as gentle on the fingers, but definitely a project you can take to beach without having to worry about the sand getting into the yarn. I know exactly what I want to use it for, I'm just waiting for a good moment to dive into this new project. To be continued...

As for now, pictures!
Don't you just love the stubborn look of this herringbone knit?

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