July 23, 2012

Curls for Summer...

It's just a fact of life, I guess. People with straight hair wanting curls at some point in their lives or the other way around.
I remember myself with poodle hair, back in the early eighties. Totally ridiculous - my brother still makes fun of it whenever he gets a chance. And at the end of the eighties or was it the early nineties, I did it again and tried a wavy hairstyle. That wasn't a big success either - the curls lasted exactly one day and after that my hair looked totally miserable. A short hairstyle (which I kept for years because I liked it) was the only solution. Lesson learned, however, no perms nor curls for me anymore - thank you very much!

Luckily, my girls are perfectly happy with their hair (for now).
Which doesn't mean they don't like to play around with wigs and curlers once in a while...
M. needed some dress-up stuff for summer camp and a wig it is! As to little H.: as soon as she realized it would take for ever for the curls to set and saw the other kids playing outside, she asked me to take the curlers out... So, no 'after' pictures for this one!

How about you? Any bad hairstyles you regret or have particularly fond memories of?

Curls for Summer

Curls for Summer

Curls for Summer

Curls for Summer

Curls for Summer

Curls for Summer


Jacqui said...

It's true isn't it - people with straight hair want curls and people with curls want straight! Can't win but it keeps the hairdressers in business. I had many poodle perms in the 80s too and while I'd never go there again I have to admit that now the smell of perm solution brings on a huge nostalgia rush so I quite like it :) My daughter has long straight hair and not enough patience to contemplate curls for more than 30 seconds. Perhaps that ability to spend an hour on your hair each morning comes with teenagers?

jane said...

i really want straight hair... want to trade? :)
p.s. your pics make me happy!

Seaweed and Raine said...

I once had my hair tied up in rag curls to make authentic ringlets for a fancy dress centenary party... it hurt like crazy to sleep on and it took my mum and sister forever to put them in. The curls looked awesome though, even though they only lasted a few days.

Frances said...

In my teenage years, when conformity was de rigueur in the neighborhood, I suffered through nightly curlers and a very scary chemical-based permanent wave administered by a "sophisticated" friend of my mother's. Oh, that was dreadful.

Year's later, I realized that I was very lucky to have dark shiny hair, and that the Sassoon system of precision hair styling was definitely the way to go. Happy ending!


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Cindy said...

your girls are perfectly adorable! i also had poodle hair and the chemicals would turn my dark brown hair orangey. hope your're enjoying your short hair (me too) and summer!


Oh yes, many regrets here... First one was a haircut from nice long hair to boyish style. The hairdresser thought it would be cool, maybe it was, I remember I was crying (I was 13).

With 16 I did a perm - not the best idea either ; ) but at least it grows out... after that no more drastic change in style until I wanted to dye my hair because with the years it got darker and some grey hair was seen in the mirror. Unfortunately something went wrong and so I got greenish-black hair (instead of blond highlights) I have to admit it has been a homemade mistake.
But the same happened at the hairdresser, sigh. Now the color of the highlights is perfectly natural, I like the haircut (though it might be boring) and I am very much reserved when it comes to hair experiments...

Jelijn en Saskia said...

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PaloEABJM said...

Awesome the hair!

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