August 11, 2012

No-sew appliqué 101

Cow-boy hat

Little H needed a hat for her summer camp party. We found this blue velvet cow-boy hat she really liked. Only problem: it had a not so interesting patch glued to it. Can't we replace it?
Uh?! Sure!  With a home-made, totally improvised, appliqué star patch fixed in no time with stuff we just had lying around. A nice alternative to a store bought appliqué patch, if you ask me.

Cow-boy hat

Want to give this a try too?

Here's how:

All you need is a piece of paper,  a printer, a (textile) marker, a small piece of fabric, glue, sparkles and scissors.

Cow-boy hat

1. print a star shape or any other shape, adjust size by reducing or increasing print size
2. cut out shape
3. trace shape on a piece of fabric
4. flip over fabric and apply modge-podge or any other craft glue - yes, on the wrong size of the fabric - and such that the area covered is larger than the actual shape.
5. generously sprinkle sparkles over glue - flip over to see if the entire shape area is covered
6. let dry
7. turn over and cut out on the lines traced in step 3 - you now have obtained an appliqué patch
8. apply glue to the back of the patch and stick to the hat! Done!



Cow-boy hat


lightbluegrey said...

Oh Pascale (eindelijk goed), die zou mijn oudste ook prachtig vinden! Wil graag ook zo'n ster op zo'n hoed. Dus allereerst: waar heb je die hoed vandaan?

Pascale said...

Die hoed komt uit de HEMA, hier bij ons in Parijs, net als de pruik in mijn vorige post... We kochten alles niet zo heel lang geleden, dus misschien lukt het nog wel om er eentje te vinden in de lokale HEMA bij jullie. Succes!

Cindy said...

now that is a statement hat ... looks great on your pretty girl!

Lucinda Poel said...

such a great idea! Do you know if this would be washable?

nicole/brussels said...

mooi zoals altijd en het staat haar prachtig, in feite staat alles haar prachtig omdat ze ook fotogeniek is!

stef et sa belette said...

i just use one of your tuto

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