August 11, 2012

No-sew appliqué 101

Cow-boy hat

Little H needed a hat for her summer camp party. We found this blue velvet cow-boy hat she really liked. Only problem: it had a not so interesting patch glued to it. Can't we replace it?
Uh?! Sure!  With a home-made, totally improvised, appliqué star patch fixed in no time with stuff we just had lying around. A nice alternative to a store bought appliqué patch, if you ask me.

Cow-boy hat

Want to give this a try too?

Here's how:

All you need is a piece of paper,  a printer, a (textile) marker, a small piece of fabric, glue, sparkles and scissors.

Cow-boy hat

1. print a star shape or any other shape, adjust size by reducing or increasing print size
2. cut out shape
3. trace shape on a piece of fabric
4. flip over fabric and apply modge-podge or any other craft glue - yes, on the wrong size of the fabric - and such that the area covered is larger than the actual shape.
5. generously sprinkle sparkles over glue - flip over to see if the entire shape area is covered
6. let dry
7. turn over and cut out on the lines traced in step 3 - you now have obtained an appliqué patch
8. apply glue to the back of the patch and stick to the hat! Done!



Cow-boy hat

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