November 10, 2012

Fluo linen bag DIY

Fluo linen bag :: a DIY

Looking for a simple but rewarding project or a DIY gift idea?
Then keep on reading as I may have something for you!

On my last trip to the craft store I finally found the fluorescent orange fabric paint I had been looking for! I desperately needed some after seeing some really nice printed home textiles in a boutique here in Paris.

Fluo linen bag :: a DIY

With a simple pencil eraser I printed a random pattern of dots on some almost sheer natural cotton muslin. It took me about half an hour to finish the job. Once dry, and ironed to set the dye, I took the piece of fabric to my sewing machine and made a simple drawstring bag. From beginning to end, another 15 minutes, I guess. The result is a cute linen bag, or anything bag if you like.
Make them smaller and you have the cutest gift bags. The same printing technique would work well to decorate pillow cases, kitchen towels, napkins. Anything really. If you're running out of time you can have your kids do the printing part. Or, why not, the entire project!

Fluo linen bag :: a DIY

What you'll need:

- a piece of fabric, pre-washed
- fabric paint, like Pébéo Setacolor, transparent fluorescent orange, #32
- pencil with eraser at the top
- plastic sheeting to protect your working surface
- painters tape to tape fabric to plastic
- rope for drawstring
- optional: fluorescent sewing thread
- sewing machine

Fluo linen bag :: a DIY


1. Tape your fabric to the plastic sheet protecting your working surface, to prevent the fabric from shifting around creating unwanted smudges.
2. Dip eraser in paint, next onto fabric (do a few test prints on a piece of scrap) and do so in a random pattern.
3. Let dry. After, iron to set the paint (or follow your paint's instructions).
4. Make a drawstring bag as explained here. I used some contrasting fluorescent thread for sewing the drawstring tunnel. And that's all there is to it!

The things you can do with a simple pencil eraser... Have fun!

Fluo linen bag :: a DIY


Louize said...

so lovely - and very similar to the tea towels I just made for a gift, except I used an eraser-less pencil - and a carrot!

Frances said...

Oh Pascale, this is a clever design!

I think there could be some Christmas colorway variations that might be quite good for stockings, or placemats, napkins, etc.


Laurence W said...

I like the idea and the colour as well !

angeldogqueen12 said...

This is such a great idea, if I had more time on my hands I would try it out :)

Mery Arbi said...

waao i did not know about ur blog and is soo cute!!! would you like to follow eachother? i'm already following you :)

3nod Makka said...

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