November 21, 2012

Ombre bunting flags

fluo ombre

I haven't been here for a while, which doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Quite the contrary, actually.
I'm working on what I believe will be a very cool, fully leather bag. Venturing hand sewing leather, using sharp and scary needles... Yikes! But if everything continues to go as planned, it will be a nice bag. One to be proud of. And I hope to be able to show you the result soon...

fluo ombre

In the meantime: a fun, fast, cheap and easy craft - just the way we like it.
I had some fluorescent paint left from my previous project and decided to dilute it to see if it would work to get the lately much wanted ombre effect.

fluo ombre

fluo ombre

I ripped a band of flimsy cotton, folded it accordion-wise and hung it in a jar which I filled with about an inch of the water-paint mixture. I let it sit for a while (I actually enjoyed watching the fabric soaking up the paint), next hung it to dry. Once dry, I cut it in small rectangular pieces (at the folds), sewed a tunnel with fluorescent thread and threaded the rectangles onto some cotton rope.
I didn't bother to cut of loose ends as I like a slightly ragged look.
And that's it!

And now, back to work!

Wishing you a great rest of the week and a happy Thanksgiving for those of you celebrating!




Anonymous said...

very nice....I have to try it, maybe with some red paint for a christmas bunting!
thank u for sharing.

Helga said...

nice, a really good idea!
ciao from Italy ^__^

Star Stuff Group said...
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Meier & Frank Merchandise Co. Inc. said...

OH how pretty! Such a sweet little bunting flags. I like handmade/homemade decorative items. It would also be great to decorate your home on Christmas.

clipping path said...

awesome blog post .i hope i can learn much more from your another tutorial,Thanks a lot for sharing

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