March 8, 2009

Egouts de Paris

This afternoon, I took the kids to the "égouts de Paris" (the underground sewer installation of Paris). To my surprise they really enjoyed this little field trip - well, except for the smell, that is. And it was really worth the visit!
At the end of the tour we bought this nice water can, with a full detail of Paris' water composition. The design is very simple and it fits in the fridge, which our Brita filter didn't.

I did take my camera and took some pictures of the installations. They turned out a bit blurry - I didn't bring a tripod, didn't want to use flash nor did I take time to truly experiment with the metering. But these imperfections add to the "industrial look" of the pictures, I figured...

Egouts de Paris 1

Egouts de Paris 2

Egouts de Paris 3

A couple more pictures can be found on Flickr.
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