June 24, 2009

And yet another box...

... but in a totally different style then I'm used too - festive and colorful, a bit more flamboyant. This one is a "special order" from K.'s mom for their 50th - Golden - Wedding Anniversary. A "mailbox" for congratulation cards, which will be posted at the entrance of the banquet room.

I was more than happy to take this assignment, but it turned out to be much more difficult than I thought. I had no idea of where to start, the only restriction being that there had to be an opening at the top. It took me more than a few trips to the craft store to get some idea of the materials and colors I could use.

But here it is - I finished it this afternoon! I've used a round cardboard hat box, cut an opening at the top (and I've been really careful while doing so, after reading this). Next, I covered it with different sorts of gold colored paper (the inside as well - there we go again!). And, finally, I decorated it with satin and burlap(?) ribbons in matching colors and a (store bought) paper rose on top.

And though it is totally different from what I usually do, I think it turned out pretty well and it certainly suits the occasion.

So, that makes one thing less on my to-do-list. The photo-album is next...
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