June 22, 2009

Getting re-organized...


... little by little.

I've mentioned it a couple of times already: we're trying to get re-organized a little. Our small apartment is stuffed and looks cluttered all the time. The two past weekends we've been re-arranging closets and have tried to get rid of some of our "stuff". All this in an effort to figure out which kind of wardrobe we need, as it's clear we need one. I need one. Right now I have the tiniest closet thinkable. Whatever I take out looks wrinkled. Why bother ironing... A bigger closet, however, also means I'll have to give up my little craft and sewing corner in our bedroom. Not that I ever get to sew or craft in there as piles of laundry and other things have taken over the place.

Anyway, with this in mind, I was totally happy last Friday, when I finally found this box at - what has become one of my favorite stores here in Paris - MERCI. I spotted the box the very first time I visited the store, but somehow didn't buy it, which I later really regretted. I went back at least three times, and every single time they were sold out - they usually sell out the very same day they get them in. But last Friday was my lucky day! I walked in there because I was (still am) on the outlook for another kind of box, which I need for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary (more about that in a later post - if I ever find it, that is). And there it was, totally unexpected, the green box I so desperately wanted! They actually had a whole stack of them, just brought in the very same morning!

I've always had a soft spot for this kind of old-fashioned cardboard-with-metal boxes, file holders, albums, .... It's in that typical pale kind of green (greener than the stapler - which is actually more like blue - but still pale), with a metal handle at the top, two small locks and lots of cute little drawers on the inside. Though very compact, it can hold most of my sewing supplies - at least I hope so, as I'm not entirely done yet. But it sure will help in getting my little corner cleared out.

M. already mentioned she'd like to have one of those too. I'll keep that in the back of my head for Christmas. I've been told they've ordered them in several other colors for the holidays, and I'll make damn sure I get one of those too!!

So, please, don't tell anyone...

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