September 25, 2009

Weekend artist :: revisited

I can't believe it's Friday already... It's been a bit of a busy week somehow. To the extent that I didn't find the time nor the energy to post much.

It was a fun week though - the weather has been extremely nice here. L'été indien, as they call it here. And since the sunny days might be over soon, I decided to spend as much time outside as possible, in between the stuff that really needed to be done. I hope the weather will stay like this over the weekend and then hopefully we'll make it to one of the many parks with the kids...

And then, of course, there was the visit of a longtime very good friend. She had to be in Paris for work. Though really (REALLY) close during our high school years and way into our adult lives, we somehow got out of touch after I moved abroad. Sure, we kept each other informed of our pregnancies and sent birth announcements, but sadly we didn't actually manage to see each other for close to six, seven years. So now, she was in Paris and there was so much to catch up with, so much to talk about... And it was so much fun!

Oh, and since I hardly took any pictures this week, I just decided to put this one up. It's a new piece in my very own weekend artist's collection (LOL)... Like the previous one, I made it in between cleaning sessions. Just one way to make those boring chores a bit more pleasant... You should try it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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