April 12, 2010

And all is quiet...

Bonne nuit!

Today was the big day - little H. left this morning with her class on "classe verte". She woke up cheerfully and all excited. She finished breakfast in no time, got dressed in even less time, all while chatting and talking and rattling. Because we couldn't keep it any longer, we left too early to the bus station, and hence got there way too early - just like many other parents of evenly nervous kids. She pulled her suit case for quite a bit on our way there, 'as she needed to practice...', she said. When we got there the teaching assistants took over the luggage and put it in the trunk and then the waiting for the actual countdown began. We met her room mates and plenty of other kids and parents, some of them a bit more quiet than usual or quite the contrary. Let's say our little H. belonged to the latter group. Yes, she shed a few tears because "she would miss her big sister so much", but the sadness lasted only a few minutes. She was one of the first ones to get on the bus, sat down at the window and waved us goodbye with a big, big smile, holding up her little bear so he could see.
And then, they were all gone...
And next thing were my tears - only a couple.
Because I was proud of her,
because I was happy to see her this way,
because I would miss her,
because this day had finally come.
She'd been waiting for it for so long...

Have fun, my little girl!
... et "Bonne nuit!!"

xo, Mommy

Note: We made a couple of surprises which we hid in her suitcase. The instructions for the Sarubobo puppet I found at Mairuru's and I added a little sleeping bag for it. And then there's "la boîte à bisous" - she announced many times herself she wanted one of those too... so we couldn't let her go without one. We wrote sweet messages on tiny strips of paper and rolled them up, glued a family picture on the inside of the box and further decorated the box with flowery wrapping paper.
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