April 9, 2010

Getting ready...

allergy kit

We're almost there! Tomorrow we can start packing for real. Only a few more things to label and we're done!
As you may know from previous posts, little H. has food allergies. This means she has to take some medication with her on her trip too, just in case. Most likely, she won't need any of it, but you never know. Because I didn't want to send her away with her meds in a plain plastic bag I decided to make a bag instead - very last minute, I know. To make it even more last minute I couldn't really figure out what I wanted it to look like exactly. I wanted it to be very basic and handy for the teachers (easy access to medicines as well as posology and other useful information). So, this is what the 'allergy kit' ended up looking like - a very basic drawstring bag indeed. The beauty of this bag, however, is in the detail I believe.

I used a red cross picture, found on the net and printed it on iron-on transfer paper together with her name. On the back, I made a little transparent pocket finished with a fabric flap and Velcro closure. It perfectly fits index cards with all necessary allergy information and the posology for the different medicines - right within eye sight whenever needed. To make this pocket, I used the vinyl envelope some new panties came in. I have been saving up vinyl packaging ever since I came across this interesting project through Whip Up. I used French seams as described here and made boxed corners. In order to keep the bag from opening I added a small fabric "stopper" to the drawstring, which slides up and down accordingly.

This project took me way longer than intended and necessary, but it's so much nicer than a plain plastic bag - don't you think??

Now, one more thing before I sign off: make sure to come back next week as I'm planning a small giveaway here - just to say thanks to all of you for the support, the encouragements, the compliments, the cheers... I felt/feel deeply touched when reading all of your comments... Thank you so much!

In the mean time, I'm wishing you a very nice weekend!


xo, P.
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