April 8, 2010


detail of something new I'm trying

I'm so excited! I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday when I sat down for a minute to go through my reader on a way too busy Wednesday afternoon. I scrolled over Design*Sponge and 'Wait a minute - is this my bag? On D*S?! ' And then I started reading. I know of only one Virginia who could possibly be behind this. Thank you so much, Virginia! This really made my day! My sitemeter recorded 2599 visitors yesterday - this has never happened before, I can tell you! And aren't those Josh Blackwell bags in the same post really cool?!

I'm still quite busy with getting things ready for little H. so I have no new bags to show, unfortunately. But in between the laundry, labeling and packing a couple of new ideas crossed my mind. For bags and even for some other stuff.
Next week, hopefully, I'll have more time to further explore...
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