April 6, 2010

Nice weekend

I hope you had a fun (Easter) weekend. We certainly did. We didn't do anything special really, except for yesterday when we went for a long walk through Paris. But overall it was a nice and relaxing weekend.
Yesterday, the weather was just perfect for one of those long walks. We took the metro to Place des Vosges from where we walked to la Bastille, and next went on to the Seine. We then took the riverbank all the way down to Place de la Concorde, where we decided to take the metro back home - for a moment we thought we could make it back home just walking, but M. who's still recovering from a minor injury looked tired.
People were having picnics - their first one of this year? - along the Seine, or just sat down to read or take a nap, or having a chat, enjoying the first sun rays after a long winter inside. It felt so good to spend the afternoon outdoors... We got home with our batteries reloaded and our minds worry free.

It promises to be a busy week here. I'm not sure there will be any creative time in it for me. I do have a couple more of ideas for bags but I need to set my priorities which right now are getting everything ready for little H.'s trip next week with her class. She'll be leaving on 'classe de decouverte'. Her first time away from home. She's excited and a little worried about it, just like me. My little girl will be gone for close to a week...
Well, I'd better get started, now, labeling her clothes and making sure she has everything on her list!

Wishing you a great week!

xo, P.

PS: I'm wearing this today - for the first time. I didn't change the necklace after all and when the girls noticed the necklace this morning they both exclaimed: "Oh mommy, I love your new necklace! Did you make it?!" And then M. continued: " Can you please make me one? You should make a whole bunch of them and start selling them! Really, mommy, you should!". That's so funny and sweet - ever since I started this blog the two of them have been on the outlook for a place for me where I could start a store - the bike shop which closed down is still there favorite spot and they would help me run the store... So cute!
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