August 1, 2010

Free style crochet and a wire coat hanger :: a tutorial

free style crochet coat hanger

Some of you might remember my free style crochet experiment from earlier this year. If not, just head over to this post (but make sure to come back after!). At that time I already played with the idea of decorating a coat hanger that way. I even tried, but I wasn't patient enough at that time and it didn't work out too well, so I tore the whole thing down and put the idea and the hanger on hold. Until some of you mentioned their crochet-decorated coat hangers in the comments on my last tutorial, that is! As a matter of fact, I used to have one of those when I was a kid - with a red and blue pattern if remember well. So, you had me going again! Thank you so much! Only this time I wanted it to work out. And it did!
Sure, it took me a fair part of my Friday afternoon (the other part I took the kids to the local pool) but I do like the result a lot - and so do my girls "Can I have it mommy?".

What did I do different this time to make it work, you wonder? I guess I was less time-constrained (even though we went to the pool) and the tying of some string as a guide-line made a huge difference. And here is a - very - short description in case you want to give this a try as well.

What you'll need:

- a wire coat hanger
- yarn, string or... kitchen twine, aka butcher's twine. Since I couldn't find any yarn that I found suited for this project, I used the latter. It was the first thing that I could find that came close enough to yarn and its slightly rough texture with pieces sticking out here and there is just perfect for this project.
- crochet hook
- optional: buttons, ribbons, beads, colored thread

free style crochet coat hanger


1. Attach the end of the twine to the hanger and now start going criss cross with it, wrapping and tying as shown in picture II. This net will form the structure for your free style crochet. Don't over do it as you will need "space" to work around and add detail.
2. Stop knotting somewhere on the wire, make a loop, slip your crochet hook through it and start crocheting around the wire using a simple crochet stitch (picture III). You don't need to go all around the hanger at once - this project is a little wild and crazy. Consider it like a road trip where you take little side roads whenever you grow tired of using the high way. So, start to work around the net that you created inside the wire, using the different stitches you know (chain stitches, single crochet, double crochet, ...), and alternate by doing parts on the wire and on the inside of the hanger.
3. Optional: As you can see in picture IV (and the many other pictures below), I didn't cover all of the wire nor the entire net. I wanted to keep it "airy" and it left me some room to further adorn it with little treasures. I used little buttons - I intentionally didn't cut off the end of the twine but attached a mother of pearl button to it instead - a silk ribbon, a tag with my blog's name on it which I found lying around, a bead, some red thread... You could add many other things like pieces of wood or sticks, shells, dried flowers... I found this to be the fun and relaxing part.

I hope I made myself somewhat clear. If not, let me know.

I clearly couldn't get enough of my new clothes hanger as I kept on photographing it from different angles... So, here are some more pictures.

free style crochet coat hanger
free style crochet coat hanger

free style crochet coat hanger
free style crochet coat hanger

free style crochet coat hanger

Note: Did you make something with the help of a // Between the lines // tutorial? Post your pictures here! I'd love to see your creations!


nicole/brussels said...

leuke creatie, één opmerking, spijtig dat de haak niet omhuld is, en je het metaal ziet!

annekata said...

Beautiful. Almost too precious to cover them with garments. I'd love to have these en masse in my closet, but that'll have to wait. The wrapped wire hangers are stunning as well, so I'll practice a bit with those.

Thanks so much for these tutorials.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Another lovely tutorial! I love the button hanging at the end of the string....v cute. I saw some ideas for crochet Crocs this weekend and now my mind is considering all sorts of possibilities :-)

Francine said...

Oh my! This is just gorgeous. I might have to give this a try even though I haven't picked up a crochet hook in a couple years.

Thanks for dropping by Callaloo Soup too :) said...

Wow! That looks like it should be on the wall of a gallery somewhere, it's stunning! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

bicocacolors said...

what a beautiful idea!!!!

Jessica said...

I love the idea! Also I really like your //Between The Lines// swen in tags - can you share how you made them or if you have a supplier?



Sylvia1720 said...

A wonderul idea, thank you for this tutorial.
Greetings from Italy

blue moss said...

oh oh oh!!! i am totally freaking out over this!!! i love it so much!!!there is a show coming up that i will be part of ....and these would be perfect to display jewelry on.....and they are would be so amazing and perfect on their own. now....if i can just talk someone (maybe my sister?) into making some for me....or, i could try it myself :)
anyway.....i love love love this idea....
thanks for the directions
all the best
P.s.....there are so many books in that etsy shop that i want to buy....would love to see if you get some

Pascale said...

@ Jessica: the tags were made by me, using some twill tape and iron-on-transfer paper. All you need to do is make a template with whatever you 'd like to have on your tags, and print it in mirror image (very important!) on iron-on-transfer paper. Cut in strips and next iron it onto the tape.

Anita said...

I think this would make a great small quilt hanger. I would just cut off the top and use a small nail to hang it and small clothes pins for the quilt.

Dom/ Bricolente said...

C'est magnifique ! Merci pour le tutorial ♥

Elaine said...

wow, this is amazing, can't get enought of all the photos! I love your little label too - really makes it!

Claudia said...

Aaahhh! I just love your blog - every time I visit you, there is something new and phantastic. The idea of the crocheted hangers is simply super! Thanks a million for sharing this great idea - I am off - searching for hangers! Greetings from Germany

ayelen said...

oo! beautiful!

i've been looking to get some ?canvas? ribbon similar to the tag with your name on it.

do you know what it is called or where i could get some online?

thanks so much :)

elianne said...

je brengt me op eindelijk de oplossing. Mijn dochter heeft een afschuwelijke dromenvanger ( vind ik ) maar hij helpt wel.
Freestyle dromenvanger, Dank!

laura said...

I'm loving your tutorials. Hope that pinning them is okay. You can spot them here, if interested:

Princess Cotton JO said...

How lovely. It looks like a dream catcher!

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